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I had my poem published through the Art Ascent Magazine. The theme was white and I came up with this poem. I hope you like it. Snowy Night Stark quiet, Then ever so softly, A snowflake whispered its descent And graced my cheek with a feathery kiss. I lifted my face to the sky As […]

During the summer of 1960, we took a family trip to the mountains. We climbed inside the Chevy station wagon and headed east from Seattle. Aunt Dee and Uncle Cecil lived in Cashmere, WA. Mom had promised to meet them at a midway point and we would follow them to their cabin. After several miles […]

Here is a poem I wrote. REBIRTH Madronas hung precariously along the bluff in irregular fashion. They shed their bark like creamy butter, rolling from a knife, And fall as rotten apples to the ground. Brittle leaves, once vibrant and glossy, Crumble like dry, caked mud, Tumbling into the pile of defecation. The earth embraced […]

Their heads bobbing up and down, Doves peck the ground, Resembling sewing machine needles, Eager for fallen seeds. Squirrels climb the pole And hang upside down, Stretching to reach the sunflower seeds. Little birds flutter round, Red-headed finches, wrens, and dark-headed chick-a-dees, Inching their way to feed, on the variety of seeds. But woe to […]

Thoughts weave into a jumbled tumbleweed. Little by little, a seed may drop, Yet it doesn’t plant knowledge, But scatters holes where once nerve endings snapped to attention. If only a bird could pluck those thoughts, like a worm, from the thorns of Alzheimer’s, And give the person peace, instead of confusion.

A Terza rima is a form of poetry with a rhyming verse stanza consisting of an interlocking 3-line rhyme scheme. The end word of second line to supply rhyme for first and third lines. Here is my example: They rose from the dead like gorgeous towers in brilliant blue, yellow, and red. Oh, they have […]

Here is a poem I wrote. In Washington state, Mt. Rainer can be seen from many directions. Mother mountain towers over all And watches her wide expanse of land. Aspens in riches of gold and orange, Yellow-leafed beeches and giants of evergreens Cover the hills and valleys of her domain. Waterfalls tumble from her crevices […]

Try sitting outside and just listen. What sounds do you hear? Are there birds singing? Do you hear traffic and if so, can you distinguish the sounds? Write everything down on a piece of paper or a journal. What do you feel? Is the wind blowing? Is it raining? Do you feel the warmness of […]