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Here is a silly Halloween poem. She creeps and crawls away from the light, Cloaked inside the shadow of night. Masquerades as a foggy mist, Rocking and rolling into a fit. She spits out venom, obscenities, and lies, Slithering and sliding into disguise. She’ll poison your heart if she gets inside, Turning and twisting until […]

I listened to Craig English, a teacher and author at the PNWA conference about how he creates urban fantasy. He said urban fantasy is something freakish or a personal moment of otherness that happens to a character. The character might not embrace the strangeness at first, depending on their background, turmoil, and religious preference. Then […]

I attended a writing class discussing magical symptoms in SF, fantasy, and paranormal. So here are some things to bring your writing up to par dealing with magic elements. Ask yourself, how do you plan a rational symptom? These are some guidelines: where does the source of the magic come from? if it’s from an […]