I had my poem published through the Art Ascent Magazine. The theme was white and I came up with this poem. I hope you like it. Snowy Night Stark quiet, Then ever so softly, A snowflake whispered its descent And graced my cheek with a feathery kiss. I lifted my face to the sky As […]

I’ve been quite busy critiquing and attending writing improvement classes. Here are some things I learned that might help you. Ask your self these questions before you write your story. Who is your protagonist? What is his/her initial problem? What does your protagonist want? What gets in the way? Why does he/she want that goal? […]

Before you submit your manuscript to an editor or agent, print it out and read it aloud. You’ll catch any typos or missed words this way.  Today’s computer systems have a feature in them to alert you to grammar issues and spelling errors. Use it. Does your character have a clear want that moves the […]

During the summer of 1960, we took a family trip to the mountains. We climbed inside the Chevy station wagon and headed east from Seattle. Aunt Dee and Uncle Cecil lived in Cashmere, WA. Mom had promised to meet them at a midway point and we would follow them to their cabin. After several miles […]

The earliest Nordic inhabitants created myths to explain the natural world and their place within it. According to Norse mythology, Yggdrasil, a giant ash tree occupied the center of the universe and connected the 9 worlds of the cosmos. Today, a wide range of Nordic myths live on in folktales. Four of the seven days […]

With the popularity of the Game of Thrones, I thought I’d share some information I learned at the Nordic Museum for my writer friends. According to the Icelandic Prose Edda, Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve, created the universe from the body of the evil giant, Ymir. From his flesh, they created Midgard or […]

For those of you that write murder mysteries, this book on poisons is full of information. Put it on your list to read. You’ll be amazed at the information. Did you know that quails eat hemlock seeds? If a man eats one quail that has eaten a hemlock seed, he could die within hours.

Here is a short ghost story I wrote. Hope you like it. Old wooden stairs creaked as I walked up them. A frail-looking woman, with a mass of wrinkles on her face, rocked on the porch. “Time’s a wasting, child. Come on.” She poured a cup of coffee into a chipped china cup. “Cream or […]

I love to collect fairies and dragons. I got hooked on dragons, after one of my patients made me one from ceramics. When I write my fantasy novels, I like to include one of the beasts. Here are some photos of my collection.  

This is a great reference book for fantasy writers.  It gives detailed traditional and world cultures of fantasy. It  talks about weapons, armor, and armies. It delves into magic and fantasy creatures. If you want to build your world for your writing, this book will help.