Hi! My name is Theresa Gage. I also go by the name Za. I have always had a big imagination.  As a child, I made up stories. I had one of the neighbor girls believe she had elves living in her back yard. When my youngest daughter was little, she wouldn’t sleep unless I read her a story. After  I had read the same books so many times, I entertained her  with my own stories. I didn’t get into the groove of writing, until my mother-in-law moved into my home. She had Alzheimer’s.  To relieve my stress and to keep her entertained, I wrote poems and stories.

I’m an avid reader. Fantasy and mysteries are my favorite genre. I’ll also read anything that looks interesting. I’ve been a nurse, in various fields, for many years. I have a diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. I’m a critique reader for the PNWA and fictionmagazine.com. I’ve had articles published through Working Writers and ezinearticles.com. My story, ONE SPOOKY NIGHT was published in the Art Ascent Magazine in December of 2016. I’ve had poems published through Penman’s Lounge and the Artist’s Ark.

If I’m not engrossed in my writing or have my nose in a book, you’ll find me in my garden.