The Illusion of a Presidency

The constitution is a set of laws,

Drawn up by prized individuals,

Who were respected intellectuals,

But Trump thinks he’s above the law,

And wiped his feet on the paper they were written on.

He’s a man of many flaws.

His lies thicken with each new day.

He can’t keep the comedians and the press away,

Yet his tweets show his true claws,

And Russia laughs and just looks on.

Trump holds the Republicans in awe.

They never know what’s coming from his mouth,

And they wonder if he’ll fire everyone in the house.

Things aren’t any better with his son and his son-in-law.

Geez, did Trump lose a few neurons?

He acts more like an outlaw,

Than the president of the United States,

And it’s the people that suffer the fate,

While he thinks it’s okay to disrespect the law

And the people the land was founded on.

He’s made the U.S. a mess of coleslaw,

Stamped out religion, women, and race,

Making our country one big disgrace.

Where rights once mattered to uphold the law,

And I was proud to be an American.


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