Research Sites

A good part of writing is research.  The internet is a good source, but isn’t always reliable. Researchers know to follow up internet resources. Look in their bibliography where they got their information and the listing of books. If a writer writes a non-fiction book, they usually have to provide a proposal that entails a bibliography as proof of information. Here are a few research sites:    Library of Congress chronicles American newspaper collections, catalog of manuscript collections, American Memory collections, and digital images of America’s past.    This is a digital library of the 19th century which includes 10,000 books and 50,000 journal articles.    NY Castle Garden is the immigration center with a database of 11 million immigrants from 1820-1892 when Ellis Island opened.    Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System- this site includes background on the social, economic, political, and military aspects of the Civil War.    This is the US Geological site that has 57 printable maps for ancestral places.     This is the National Archives & Records Admin. site. It contains useful information from genealogy to White House tapings.    This site hosts pages of abstracts and extracts from historical newspapers.

Many states have their own library systems for history but an invaluable portal to the world’s non-virtual library is the WorldCat with more than 1.5 billion items in libraries around the world.   Look it up @

There are numerous genealogy sites that are also helpful for research.old-letters-1082299_640



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