Angel & The Puppet


An English sonnet has 14 lines. Out of those, there are 3 quatrains or 4 line stanzas, and 1 couplet or 2 line stanza. It has a rhyming scheme of abab, cdcd, efef, and gg.  Here is my example.

The Angel & Her Puppet

Your face is a work of art,

Carved without any flaws,

Yet you’ve pierced my heart

And my sanity lies in your claws.

You’ve become my master.

My eyes glisten like fresh morning dew,

Yet translucent as alabaster,

For your beauty holds me together like glue.

Your smile soothes away the pain

Of another dark day alone.

Forgive my imaginative brain,

For it dreams of swimming in your cologne.

I’m a puppet pulled by your strings.

So, carry me away on your wings.


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