Mother Mt. Rainer

Here is a poem I wrote. In Washington state, Mt. Rainer can be seen from many directions.

Mother mountain towers over all

And watches her wide expanse of land.

Aspens in riches of gold and orange,

Yellow-leafed beeches and giants of evergreens

Cover the hills and valleys of her domain.

Waterfalls tumble from her crevices of rock

And splash the carpet of burgundy below,

Until it flows into the river main.

Her flock gathers at her hem.

Elk, deer, rabbit, and bear at her feet

And birds-of-prey circle a halo above her.

Bigfoot’s call wavers on the wind,

Hidden in Mother’s folds,

Yet deep he pressed his feet into her mud.

Magnificent is Mother’s beauty,

Yet she suffers through summer’s heat

And winter’s sorrows,

But stays strong through it all,

And gives us faith and hope.IMG_0256.JPG



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