The Farmer’s Sons

Here is an old  legend I found interesting. A farmer had two sons. The eldest son went out of his way to help his father out on the farm. The youngest son ran off to the navy. On the farmer’s death bed, he left the entire estate to his eldest son. The younger son came home for the funeral and found out his father left him nothing. Wracked with jealousy and sadness, the younger son left. The longer he fumed over the situation, the more he became obsessed that he had been cheated of his birthright. He decided to seek revenge.

One night, he crept onto the farm and set the buildings on fire. The entire property burned to the ground. In the morning, only a few stones remained of the farmhouse. He received a packet in the mail. He opened it and got the shock of his life. His brother had died the previous day and had left the entire estate to him.


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