The Scourge of Parson Dodge

I thought with Halloween approaching that I would share a mysterious legend. The village of Talland lies along the eastern coast of Cornwall. It was known for an area of smuggling goods. Between 1713 through 1747, a vicar by the name of Parson Richard Dodge acquired a reputation as a Ghost Hunter and an Exorcist. IMG_0426

Dodge spread the tale that he saw the devilĀ  driving a sable coach drawn by two headless horses. He spoke of demons near the Bridle Lane path which lead to the beach. The Parson ensured with this story that God-fearing folk would steer clear of the area at night and not disturb his illegal trade. He also let it be known that on his approach, evil spirits would cry out, ‘Dodge has come. I must be gone!’

His reputation as the scourge of evil spread far and wide. Legend states that the original church was to have been constructed at a nearby pulpit and work had commenced. But each day, the stones that had been laid had transported over to the present site.

A chilling voice had been rumored to command, “Fulfill my wish and build the church on Talland Hill.”

The superstitious masons complied and there it stands today.

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