Fairy Garden

Here is a fantasy poem to delight the soul:

Nestled deep in the forest glade,

Past the circle of the toadstool’s shade,

Follow the mossy carpet path,

And find the place where the fairies play.

Did you hear their trumpeting from the tiger lilies?

Perhaps you saw their pixie dust glittering off the Rhodies?

Did you see them flying by on moths and butterflies?

Perhaps you heard them singing their babies lullabies?

Did you see them riding on the slugs and on the snails?

Perhaps you heard them squealing upside down from a wildcat’s tail?

No? Well, oIMG_0166pen your eyes wide

And perhaps you’ll see where they hide,

Among the shadows and the dapple of light,

And draw the fairies out with a dance in the pale moonlight.

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