The Songbird

I thought I would share a poem today:IMG_0527 (2) birdbath


By Theresa Gage

Lips spout a glorious sound,

That rippled across the keyboard of tree-topped hills,

And rode the billow of waves,

Until the song burst through the plague of storms,

And silenced the tantrum of beasts.

Pride swelled my heart,

Yet I frowned at the offers of her hand,

For I wanted my songbird all to myself,

And I flung her under my mothering wing,

Away from the weakness and corruption of man.

Her angelic song changed to a despondent murmur,

Losing its luster of glee.

Guilt pecked at my core,

And my heart strings could take no more.

I rushed to her side and released her bonds.

She flew to the rooftop and burst with song.

I tossed away the incriminating key

And promised to always keep her free.


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