The Diminishing Verse Style of Poetry

Here is a different form for those who like to write poetry. It’s called the diminishing verse. There are no rules, rhymes, syllables, or stanza length.  All you do is remove the first letter of the end word from the previous line. Here is what I came up with:

Summer has left a trace,

Flowers fried in the wake of heat’s race,

Immobile husks remain like death’s ace.

Glamor has gone where?

Certainly not here

All this was a gift, ere

the light fades, think not for Autumn is unbelievably smart,

for it parades its paint board mart

like pieces of fine art.

Orange, red, and gold spray

leaves that seem to pray,

frozen treasures shine like a golden ray.

Where did summer’s glamor stray?

It seemed to pass the tray.

Now Autumn has entombed its beauty like a rainbow ray.

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