Concept of Flash Fiction

Flash fiction has become popular. It is a growing phenomenon in our fast-paced world. Many publishers and contests are open to flash fiction. So what exactly is it? Flash fiction is a short-short story with various word counts, but generally under 2000.  Most of the contests I’ve seen are even shorter. They can range from under 1000 words to only 6 words. Flash fiction can fall under any genre.

Since the piece is short, consider one main character. Focus on a single problem and what the character has the most to lose. Paint your characters and action with small vivid scenes. Your setting must be strong and hold the mood of the entire piece. The plot is not something that takes a long time to develop in flash fiction. You must cut to the chase. Each word is working for space in your story. In short-short stories, you need a great ending as well as a good hook. Word limits challenge and sharpen your skills.

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