Pack That Emotion Into Your Story

If you are writing any story, but especially YA, then you need to have a great emotional starting point for your main character.  Ask yourself, what is the character’s emotional state at the beginning? Is he naïve, selfish, or insecure? Choose an emotional end point that is opposite from the beginning. What experiences help the character grow? Who do they meet that might hinder their growth? Mistakes must be made along the way so the character can grow. For example: an overconfident PTA leader loses her audience when she puts a new member down that brings in new ideas. What can she learn from this new member? She must learn to listen to others and not assume everything will go her way. Maybe her husband works with the new member’s husband and invites them over for drinks. Does the wife refuse to serve them or invite them inside her home? I’m sure you can think of other examples. Have fun.

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