The Ovillejo Poem

It’s poetry month. The ovillejo is a Spanish form comprised of 10 lines. It has 3 rhyming couplets ( 2 line stanzas) and a quatrain (4 line stanza). The first line of each couplet is 8 syllables long and presents a question or a statement. The second line responds in 3-4 syllables either as an answer or echo. The concluding quatrain,¬†first 3 lines are¬†eight syllables long. The final line combines lines two, four, and six. Here is an example from The Flirt.

Are you thinking of me at all?

Maybe this Fall.

You’re draining me of my power.

I’m a flower.

Think of me when your heart is free.

Bring the key.

I want your honey like a bee.

Give me your sweet nectar, I beg.

I hear you pulling my leg.

Maybe this Fall, I’m a flower. Bring the key.






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