Legend of the Tulip

With spring here and tulips popular around this time, I thought I would share a story. From ancient times, it was said that tulips, in bloom, brought the Earth its greatest joy, but it was hid from everyone, because no one knew how to open it. One day, a young boy saw the tulip growing in a field. He picked it and brought it to his mother. He giggled at his mother’s puzzlement and behold the tulip opened. Since that time, tulips are presented to those who are happy.

In the 1600’s of Holland, tulips were as expensive as a new house. People sought out tulips for their marvelous colors. During this time, some people in Harlem, requested a black tulip from some great botanists. The winner would be rewarded one hundred thousand guilders in gold. It was difficult to make a black tulip. On May 15, 1637, one botanist succeeded and a celebration ensued. The black tulip was brought out in a vase and paraded around for all to see.

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