How to Make A Great Setting

I’ve noticed that new writers have trouble with the setting of their stories. The setting sets the stage. You must draw in your reader. How do you capture their attention? Open with a great setting. It conveys the mood of the story, besides the visualization. For example; is it raining and it matches the character’s mood of leaving home? Can he feel every drop?

Think of a movie. It’s not only the picture in front of you, but it’s the sounds also. Try using all five senses to bring the scene alive for your readers. How does the character feel? Is he on a ship and his stomach sloshes with his last meal? What does he smell? Are the passengers ripe with body odor? Can he taste anything? Perhaps the bile in the back of his throat? What does he hear? Are the seagulls squawking from above him.

Make a difference in your writing by bringing it alive for your reader and you’ll have a better story.

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