Middle Grade Character

Middle childhood is distinguished as the ages from six to ten. Each age group has their own character traits and development. Their world expands from family to school and to peer groups. To write for this group, it’s best to understand the stages.

Interpersonal traits of the six year old:

  • begins building relationships
  • competitive
  • starts increased independence from parents
  • does the opposite from what is asked

Internal traits for the six year old:

  • difficulty making choices
  • feels insecure
  • loves praise and flattery
  • new fears
  • excited with learning new things

Internal traits of the seven year old:

  • absorbed
  • time of withdrawal
  • inner tensions and fears
  • aware of self
  • comprehends bad and good as abstract concepts
  • learns time, days, and months

Interpersonal traits of the seven year old:

  • interested in babies and pregnancy, yet not concerned about sex
  • wants complaints heard
  • listens to other’s needs

Internal traits of the eight year old:

  • hoards possessions
  • can think logically
  • evaluates own failures
  • curious
  • aware of appearance and other’s responses to him/ her
  • beginning to understand death
  • interested in life
  • friendly and less self-centered

Interpersonal traits of the eight year old:

  • nosy about others
  • jealous of siblings
  • talkative
  • shares secrets with friends
  • likes specific clothes
  • likes to play games
  • learns to love animals
  • expansive in learning
  • less afraid

Internal traits of the nine year old:

  • emotions deepen
  • lacks self-confidence
  • overly sensitive
  • difficulty making choices and decisions
  • anxious about health
  • likes standardized rules

Interpersonal traits of the nine year old:

  • resists adult supervision
  • critical of others
  • can’t tolerate teasing
  • prefers reading or talking with friends

Internal traits for the ten year old:

  • gains poise
  • fewer fears
  • girls aware of sex more than boys and asks questions

Interpersonal traits of the ten year old:

  • relationships with friends are important
  • plays in groups
  • competition through organized sports

Also imaginary friends appear between ages three and ten. According to researchers, about 31% of children enjoy an imaginary friend. It is a normal aspect of childhood and not indicative of a psychotic episode.

So have fun with your character.


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